About me

Well, glad you want to know more about me. I guess… My name is John WH Smith, and yes, that’s a nickname. I’m a huge computer enthusiast, and UNIX passionate. Developer and system administrator for a few years now, I’m capable to find interest in virtually any little configuration/piece of code I find. To make it quick, I’m a C-guy, also developing in HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, Javascript, C++, Java, Python, and CSharp (not, just kidding on that last one).

UNIX systems – well, that’s my thing. I love UNIX and GNU/Linux, the philosophy, the elegance, everything. I am quite at ease on most Linux distributions, and my little favourite is Arch Linux. I’ve tried so many of them I couldn’t list everything, but I mostly use Debian-based systems (when I can’t deploy an Arch system).

C/C++ – I may seem a little old-fashion here but well, I like nice things. I’m quite fluent with those two, I use them even when it means spending twice as more time on the project. I guess you could call it my little weakness.

Java – To be honest, I don’t like this one. I don’t know if it’s the object-oriented paradigm (I actually enjoy it in C++), but everytime I use Java, I just feel like I’m using a bazooka to exterminate a fly. Too heavy to be elegant in any way, I think.

Python/Django – basically my first love now that I’ve discovered it. I use Python whenever it’s possible…

CSharp – YES, I dared. It was a monstrous idea, yet I did it. Not. Ever. Again.

HTML/CSS  – please, have a look at this blog, do I look like a fancy graphic artist ? Web design isn’t really my thing, and HTML/CSS are meant for it. I know both quite well, yet I don’t really like practising (thanks, web designers!)

PHP – the biggest mess I’ve ever seen, yet I use it for all my web projects (with some help from Symfony2 and Zend). Many years of experience in it, but its lack of universal paradigm and data typing make it a little amateur sometimes.

SQL (MySQL/PostgreSQL) – I love relational DBMSes, I think they bring data alive, with relations, constraints, and so on. Working on a clean, structured database, is a really nice experience. Too bad most developers aren’t database administrators…

Javascript – more like a toy to me. I use it to make things a little prettier when I want to, but most of the time, it doesn’t go any further.

JSP – that’s new to me, and I hate it as much as I hate Java. Same flaws, worsened by the web contexts (which require speed and lightweightness).

Web services – let’s sum it up : Apache, nginx, bind, PowerDNS, Postfix, MySQL, PostgreSQL, fail2ban, courier, proftp, vsftp, oh my god so many of them in the Open Source world. I discover new ones very often (the last one was PowerDNS and I just love it).

Well… I’m done here! If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact me !